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Tax Free Retirement

During your working years, you’ll see all types of long term savings strategies. We believe there is no wrong way to save, as long as you have a baseline guarantee towards your retirement planning. You should be balancing more risky, market investments with safe, guaranteed investments. At ATIG, we offer solutions that will provide lifetime tax free income that you can set & forget while you gamble with all of the other investment strategies out there.

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College Planning

When starting a family you may have that looming feeling of how you are going to pay for your child’s future education. An insurance policy is one of the best ways to do that. Your child can access the cash tax free to pay for tuition, or, if they decide not to go to college or receive a free college education, they can use the money for whatever they want! Car, down payment on a house, or save it towards retirement – all while owning a life insurance policy that can be guaranteed for life.

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Marriage Income Protection & Growing Your Family

We know it’s morbid to think about death while you’re celebrating “the happiest day of your life”; however, planning for the unexpected is the best way to help safeguard your financial security as a married couple. The younger you are & healthier you are, the less life insurance costs.

As a married couple, purchasing a term life insurance policy can help with short term needs, like paying for your mortgage or paying off debts, in case of your spouse’s death. In addition, permanent or whole life insurance can help you plan for the future, like paying for college.

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